What Each Brain Type Needs To Thrive

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Let’s talk about each Brain Type and their unique prompts on the daily pages of the EVO Planners.

Because we all use an element of each Brain Type, everyone needs some variation of the thing each Brain Type needs to thrive (seen in the prompts on the daily pages for each style of EVO). But the reason we have one specific focus for each type is that this focus designed to highlight the 1 or 2 things that Brain Type would really suffer without.

Here is a reminder of what we’ve determined each Brain Type needs to thrive:

  • Explorers need Fun and Adventure
  • Oracles need to Disconnect and Find Focus Time
  • Alchemists need Variety and to Share Discoveries
  • Architects need Order and Balance

If we don’t first recognize the way we naturally operate and flow, we can’t grow and figure out what we need to become the best, most full version of ourselves. So what each Brain Type needs speaks to their specific natural inclination.

Unfortunately, most people have been told that their natural way of operating is wrong or bad in some way. So it’s important for us to validate that these needs are actually healthy and good for these Brain Types, and encourage you to get what you need to THRIVE on a regular basis.

As you read, keep in mind that these needs aren’t exclusive, they’re just at a different level of importance for that corresponding Brain Type. For example, Oracles could probably implement order and balance and get something out of it, but it just isn’t as vital to them as finding focus time.

We want each Brain Type to use EVO to flow into their own unique genius. The first step before you can run is making sure you’re confident in your walk. We want each person to unlock the power of their Primary Brain Type, and these daily prompts are carefully designed to do exactly that.

This may also help you further differentiate which Brain Type you are if you’ve been relating to more than one description. 😉

In this series, we’ll take an in-depth look at what each Brain Type needs to Thrive, and think about how they will fill in these prompts.