What Oracles Need To Thrive

Photo by Ryan Hutton on Unsplash

This is Part One of a four-part series about what each Brain Type needs to Thrive. To read the intro, click here.

ORACLE: Disconnect and Find Focus Time

A lot of people (because they don’t understand it) resent Oracles for disconnecting to get that focus time that is so vital to them. Others take it personally, thinking the Oracle is hiding from or avoiding them.

But Oracles actually suffer if they don’t get that space to think!

It’s important that we empower them to do so, and educate other people on the validity and importance of this need.

Oracles process information by narrowing their options, honing in and really developing one idea, or one aspect of an idea. They need very little input to develop their ideas, and can actually get overwhelmed by too much input and stimulation.

This need for Oracles to Disconnect and find Focus Time extends even past needing time away from people. Disconnecting is typically about mental rest and getting space from others, while finding Focus Time is more active and is done to achieve something. Focus Time for Oracles may happen over the span of an hour, while Disconnecting usually requires a day or more to have the desired effect. Disconnection might be even more difficult to work into life than Focus Time, due to the length of time typically needed for Disconnection. In order to operate at full capacity, we encourage any Oracles reading to put in the effort to find their own equilibrium and make Disconnection part of their weekly routine.

For an Oracle, getting space to think often requires shutting out any external stimulation—phones, computers, books, maybe even music and light. This process may need to last for as little as 30 minutes, but other times, it should last for a day or more, depending on the individual, what’s happening in their life, and what problems they’re working out in their mind. Oracles rarely want to share their ideas or theories with the world until they are fully formed, and even then, this process often sounds intense and scary for them, after they’ve put so much mental work into perfecting an idea or solution. If it turns out that it’s not useful or doesn’t work, they may feel that they wasted a LOT of time—potentially years  on a single idea.

This process of disconnecting and focusing is good and healthy for Oracles, as long as they themselves feel that they are being balanced in their practice of disconnection. Because this need is so individual, there is no hard and fast rule for how much time Oracles need to spend focusing. It’s up to each Oracle themselves to figure out how much time they should spend in this state.

(NOTE: If you’re reading this because you have an Oracle in your life, please be respectful of letting them figure this out for themselves. Oracles need connection and love just like anyone else, but now that you recognize their need for Focus Time, try to understand that when you reach out to them, they may not always be able to respond right away. This is healthy for them, even if it’s totally different from how you prefer to operate.)

Figuring out a balance between Focus Time and everything else is part of the path of self-discovery and EVOlution for each Oracle.

So… How does all of this translate to the prompt on the Daily Pages?

The Daily Page prompt, “Today I will find time to focus by…” for Oracles is meant to help them figure out their personal need for active Focus Time, and what that needs to look like as a regular part of their working life.

Oracles, as you experiment with this prompt, let it guide you to think of new ways of getting this focus time regularly. Consider different ways to answer this prompt with different strategies for creating focus time for yourself. Examples:

  • Today I will block out a zone in my calendar for myself, and treat it just as seriously as a meeting with someone else.
  • I will commit to turning off all electronics for a certain chunk of time each day.
  • I will do extra work today in order to have an entire day on the weekend to commit to disconnecting and focusing.
  • Any other strategy that works for you, personally, to get that time you need.

Good luck, and happy focusing, Oracles!